EnerFORGE Readies Regent Park District Energy System for Summer Heat Wave

At Canada’s largest social housing development, Regent Park, another summer heat wave will come and go without residents experiencing any impact to the supply of electricity that powers their homes and businesses. 

Supported by one of Canada’s largest and most advanced district energy systems, the Regent Park community is well equipped to weather the impacts of the most extreme weather conditions. Under management by EnerFORGE’s experienced operations team, the district energy system provides heating and cooling infrastructure, along with backup power, to more than 12,000 residents.

Through ongoing preventative maintenance and day-to-day operations of the district energy system, EnerFORGE supports the development through maximizing efficiency. This allows the development to lower the cost to heat, cool, and power the connected buildings during normal operations. By lowering expenses related to these critical services, Canada’s largest social housing provider can increase funding for additional services that provide benefits to the local community.

During power outages, the system is also able to act as an emergency backup source for climate control and power. Capable of ‘islanding’, the system can currently support the six connected buildings during outages, keeping residents safe and comfortable at home.

The ability to provide backup power and climate control during power outages will become increasingly important as provincial capacity issues and extreme weather become more prevalent. The added stress to local and provincial grids during extreme heat, extreme cold, or severe storms can cause high impact outages during times that pose the greatest risk to customers without power.

This week at Regent Park, our expert team of operators will carefully monitor and maintain the district energy system, putting local residents first and ensuring they will be able to remain comfortable and have access to power despite any potential impacts that this heat wave may have on local power grids.

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