Sustainable Development Goals

EnerFORGE roots its approach in the UNFCCC’s Sustainable Development Goals. Our projects directly focus on affordable and clean energy, sustainable cities and communities, responsible consumption and production, and climate action. Indirectly, our work seeks to positively impact economic indicators, equality, education and poverty reductions. Evidence of our commitments in these areas is best demonstrated by our roster of socially-focused clients, who often rely on our bigger-picture philosophy to access market-leading energy and communications infrastructure.

Beyond our projects, we seek to accelerate Canada’s shift to a green economy through contributing to leading industry associations and sharing our knowledge within these networks.

Strategic Solutions for You

EnerFORGE achieves its mission through a variety of flexible, affordable, and innovative approaches. Available services span the entire project spectrum; design, build, finance, own, operate and maintain. Using these tools, we build systems that cater to our clients’ needs.