EnerFORGE announces electric bus pilot project with Durham Region Transit and partners

Oshawa, Ontario – On Wednesday, April 26, EnerFORGE joined together with partners Durham Region Transit (DRT), Nova Bus, the Canadian Infrastructure Bank (CIB), and the Durham Region to announce the beginning of DRT’s transition to an electric bus fleet, an important step towards achieving DRT’s E-Mission Zero program.

The initial pilot program will include the introduction of six fully electric-powered buses into DRT’s existing fleet, with the required charging infrastructure supplied and installed by EnerFORGE, a member of the Oshawa Power Group of Companies. Funding for the project is provided via the Canada Community-Building Fund administered by Infrastructure Canada.

“The Oshawa Power Group of Companies, through its energy services brand EnerFORGE, is pleased to support The Regional Municipality of Durham and Durham Region Transit with the installation of six eBus charging stations, supporting their E-Mission Zero program. This initial phase of eBus infrastructure sets the foundation for providing clean and reliable public transit for the community.”

Doug Proska, Managing Director

Completion of charging infrastructure and initial rollout of the six buses is expected by fall 2024. EnerFORGE aims to continue supporting DRT’s transition to an all electric fleet by ensuring the initial buildout of required charging infrastructure provides a strong foundation as DRT aims to achieve a complete transition to electric transit by 2037.

EnerFORGE would like to congratulate our partners from DRT, Nova Bus, the CIB, and Durham Region for taking the first steps towards tackling transit emissions and accelerating the transition towards a cleaner, more sustainable transportation solution for our local communities.

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