A Diverse Team of Energy Experts

Ivano Labricciosa

President & CEO

As President and CEO of the Oshawa Power Group of Companies, Ivano has driven growth outside of the traditional utility model. Leading the expansion of new business ventures including renewable and high-efficiency energy projects and fibre internet services, he has helped EnerFORGE become a major player in Ontario’s energy services market.

With more than 30 years of experience in the utility space, including 16 years with Ontario’s largest LDC, Ivano has witnessed the evolution of the Ontario energy market and understands both where we came from and where our grid is going.

Ivano is currently channeling his insights to benefit the broader industry and business communities through his role on various boards, such as the Infrastructure Health and Safety board of directors and the IESO’s Crisis Management Support Team.

Matt Strecker

Vice President – Operations and Engineering

An electrical engineer by trade, Matt brings engineering and operational expertise to a whole new level with multiple professional designations and accreditations. Matt’s depth of knowledge enables EnerFORGE to develop and operate energy projects with the highest level of organizational efficiency. His ability to optimize processes and conceptualize unique solutions allows us to offer significant cost savings to our end clients.

With a background in the energy, utility, and transportation sectors, including the oversight of critical infrastructure for one of Ontario’s largest transit networks, Matt has developed a unique ability to streamline operational processes and capture new efficiencies that allow for improved performance, cost savings, and accelerated project timelines.

Susanna Beckstead

Vice President – Finance, Corporate and Business Services

Leading the financial activities for EnerFORGE, Susanna is able to leverage our low cost of capital to develop financing solutions that help our clients strike a perfect balance between maximizing profits and developing purposeful projects to help create a greener Ontario.

Spending the majority of her two decade career split between the utility and healthcare sectors, Susanna has developed a strong understanding of how to develop unique financial solutions within the constraints of heavily regulated sectors. With firsthand experience working within strict, nonflexible budgets, she understands how to help our clients maximize the value of every dollar.

Nancy Brandon

Director – Human Resources

As the head of Human Resources for EnerFORGE and the Oshawa Power Group of Companies, Nancy works tirelessly to ensure all of our projects are completed with the highest regard for employee and contractor safety. She is also responsible for attracting and securing new talent with the highest level of expertise within the sustainable energy sector.

Spending the majority of her career within the utility and energy sector, Nancy is well connected to the top talent in the industry. As an award-winning leader, Nancy was recently appointed to the Board of Directors of Women of Powerline Technicians, an organization working to increase the diversity of the Ontario energy workforce.

Janet Taylor

Sustainability Specialist

Janet is an experienced senior manager who has designed and implemented sustainability programs for numerous corporate, governmental and NGO clients across every province and territory in Canada. In addition to extensive project management experience, Janet has subject matter expertise in stakeholder engagement, outreach and education, regulatory/policy compliance and conservation/demand management.

Janet is responsible for sustainability programming spanning all business lines within the Oshawa Power and Utilities group of companies. Her work currently focuses on leading zero emission transportation innovation programs, helping to advance low carbon energy projects and pushing regional strategies for climate leadership. Janet is a member of the Durham Region Roundtable on Climate Change and enjoys organic farming in her free time.

Jerry Huang

Project Manager

Responsible for overseeing EnerFORGE’s energy projects, Jerry is a designated Professional Engineer with over 25 years of experience. His background in the world of building automation and controls allows him to seamlessly integrate new energy projects and technologies with our clients’ existing infrastructure to create the most efficient system possible.

With industry experience as an owner, consultant, contractor, and manufacturer, Jerry brings a deep understanding of how all project components must coalesce to optimize efficiency, both during project development and operation. He is well equipped to understand the needs and abilities of all parties involved and develop the most effective roadmap to project completion.